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$577 USD in agricultural crops directly depend on Honey Bee Pollination. While this is the case, billions of bees are dying every year and many farmers can’t prevent this from occurring. Learn our proprietary techniques and guarantee success. Our farmers have seen rapid growth of nearly 10x their managed colonies per year. Start a bee business with experts who have been succeeding for generations and reduce your risk of failure. 


Worried about start-up capital? Looking to expand your operation?
Apply for our farm financing program. When approved, you can benefit from our flexible fee structure and focus on building your bee empire. 

Our financing program covers the cost of package bees, nucs, bee boxes, nutrition, disease & pest management, transportation, and all other equipment necessary to growing your farm, so that you can focus on pollinating more crops. 

Learn Propreitary Techniques To Guarantee Success

Over the past 5 years, the average annual loss has been as high as 40% of all managed colonies in North America. With the widespread of diseases, pests, parasites, and pollution, traditional beekeeping methods don’t work as well as they used to. Farmers who have been in the business for decades are kissing the brink of bankruptcy as they are unable to keep their hives alive. 

With us, you can guarantee better longevity and hopefully you can become the next beekeeping millionaire.

We need you now, more than ever before. 

Our Success Stories

With a combined 200 years of beekeeping experience, we have helped thousands of aspiring beekeepers start their very own bee businesses.